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Handjobs Magazine - Dads Bedtime Tales Volume 11.pdf

In September of 2002, we were in the final stages of editing The Complete Annotated Handjobs by our editor. He and I both felt we had finally produced the big book we had talked about for years. We decided we needed to reach a wider audience. We would call it the Complete & Annotated Handjobs and work with it for the rest of our lives. We called the list of contributors (letters and additional stories) and offered them a choice: They could either get their name printed inside the book, or choose to remain anonymous (and keep their stories for themselves). The editors had their own stories printed in the back of the book, and so with that offer, we officially, for the first time in the history of the Handjobs Magazine, were able to say we had a full length book. We mailed copies to everyone on the mailing list.

handjobs magazine - dads bedtime tales volume 11.pdf

Being the son of a gentle man, I grew up with a close father figure. I was a daddy's boy. He taught me right from wrong. How to behave, how to treat women, how to be a gentleman, and how not to be an asshole. I still look for him in the stars and wonder where he is and what he is doing. I regret not knowing him as a youngster. I regret not having a closer relationship with him. I have been learning from the lessons he taught me since childhood. I want to be the kind of man he was. I want my son and his son to have the same relationship with me that I had with my dad. I want my son to have the same relationship with me that I had with him. I want my son to appreciate me as he appreciates his father. I want to be a man he could want to have his father.Life is short. You only get one chance to do it right. Remember. Homophobia is a learned behavior. It can be unlearned with a little effort on your part. Find the gay relatives, friends and classmates in your life. Talk to them, listen to them, and help them understand. No one is born a homophobe, but all of us are socialized to be homophobic by the culture in which we grow. Start to undo that, and you'll be on your way to making your life, and the life of the person you love, a better place.


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