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Vectorised and non vectorised code comparison in Python

vectorization is required in python when we are dealing with matrics. With the evolution of deep learning it has gained more lime-light.

Here is the execution time comparison of vectorised and non vectorised code.

# initialisation of array

import numpy as np


[1 2 3 4]

# initialise numpy array

import time
A = np.random.rand(1000000)
B = np.random.rand(1000000)
# calculating execution time using vectorization
tic = time.time()
C, B)
toc =time.time()
print('total time taken in vectorised multiplication' + str(toc-tic) + 'mili-seconds')

total time taken in vectorised multiplication 0.002000093460083008 mili-seconds

# calculating execution time using non vectorization codetic = time.time()
for i in range(1000000):
    C = C +A[i]*B[i]   
toc= time.time()
print('total time taken in non-vectorised code'+ str(toc-tic) +' mili seconds')

749296.5132501889 total time taken in non-vectorised code0.6779999732971191 mili seconds.

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