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Download Al Pie Del Acantilado PDF for Free and Discover One of the Best Peruvian Short Stories Ever Written

Al Pie Del Acantilado Pdf Download: A Guide to Enjoying Julio Ramón Ribeyro's Classic Short Story

If you are looking for a captivating and realistic short story that explores the human condition, you might want to check out Al Pie Del Acantilado by Julio Ramón Ribeyro. This Peruvian author is considered one of the masters of the Latin American short story genre, and his works have been translated into many languages. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Al Pie Del Acantilado, including how to download the PDF version for free, what is the plot and meaning of the story, and how to enjoy it more. Let's get started!

Al Pie Del Acantilado Pdf Download


What is Al Pie Del Acantilado?

Al Pie Del Acantilado (At the Foot of the Cliff) is a short story written by Julio Ramón Ribeyro in 1954. It was first published in his collection Los gallinazos sin plumas (The Featherless Buzzards), and later included in his anthology La palabra del mudo (The Word of the Mute). The story is set in a poor neighborhood of Lima, Peru, and tells the tragic fate of a family composed of a father, a son, and a daughter. The father is a drunkard who abuses his children and neglects his duties. The son is a cripple who suffers from tuberculosis and spends his days lying on a cot. The daughter is a young woman who works as a maid and tries to support her family. The story shows how their lives are affected by poverty, disease, violence, and despair.

Why is it a classic of Peruvian literature?

Al Pie Del Acantilado is one of the most famous and acclaimed stories by Julio Ramón Ribeyro, who is regarded as one of the greatest Peruvian writers of the 20th century. Ribeyro was known for his realistic and pessimistic portrayal of the urban and rural life in Peru, especially the marginalized sectors of society. He was influenced by writers such as Franz Kafka, Anton Chekhov, Juan Rulfo, and Jorge Luis Borges. His stories often deal with themes such as alienation, loneliness, injustice, death, and absurdity. Al Pie Del Acantilado is a perfect example of his style and vision, as it depicts the harsh reality of a dysfunctional family that has no hope or escape from their misery.

How to download the PDF version for free?

If you want to read Al Pie Del Acantilado in PDF format, you can easily find it online for free. There are many websites that offer free downloads of books and stories in different languages. One of them is, where you can find Al Pie Del Acantilado in Spanish. Another one is, where you can find an English translation by John Penuel. You can also use other search engines or platforms to look for other versions or formats of the story.

Summary and Analysis of Al Pie Del Acantilado

The main characters and their conflicts

The story focuses on three main characters: Don Santos, his son Luis Enrique, and his daughter Nelly. Don Santos is a former carpenter who lost his job due to alcoholism. He spends his days drinking cheap liquor and wandering around the streets. He often comes home drunk and violent, beating his children and breaking things. He blames his son for being a cripple and his daughter for being a whore. He has no respect or affection for them.

Luis Enrique is a 20-year-old man who was born with a deformed leg that prevents him from walking normally. He also suffers from tuberculosis that makes him cough blood and have fever. He has no education or occupation, and he spends his days lying on a cot in a dark room. He has no friends or hobbies, and he only reads some old magazines that he finds in the garbage. He has no dreams or aspirations, and he only waits for death.

Nelly is a 17-year-old girl who works as a maid in a wealthy house. She earns 30 soles (about $10) per month, which she uses to buy food and medicine for her family. She also tries to save some money to buy clothes or shoes for herself. She has no boyfriend or lover, and she only goes out with some co-workers once in a while. She has no joy or pleasure in her life, and she only hopes for a better future.

The themes and symbols of the story

The story explores several themes that are common in Ribeyro's works, such as poverty, disease, violence, despair, and death. The story shows how these factors affect the lives of the characters, who have no opportunities or resources to improve their situation. The story also reflects on the lack of communication and understanding between the characters, who are isolated from each other and from society.

The story uses some symbols to reinforce its message and mood. For example, the cliff that gives its title to the story represents both the physical location where the family lives (at the edge of a ravine) and the metaphorical situation where they are (on the verge of collapse). The cliff also symbolizes the fate that awaits them (a fall into oblivion). Another symbol is the dog that Don Santos brings home one day. The dog is an unwanted and abused animal that Don Santos treats as a companion and protector. The dog also represents Don Santos himself: an old and useless creature that only causes trouble.

The style and tone of the narration