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Waves 14 Complete V2023.01.17 [WiN]

New to the influencer marketing scene in 2021, Isabella Muggeo joined as a Client Service Manager and TikTok as the @TheCampaignGirl, eager to make waves in the ever-changing space. While green to the industry, she was always passionate about marketing and, admittedly, easily #influenced. Her agile role, client and influencer-facing, gave her the tools to create a blooming social page, sharing the ins and outs of influencer marketing behind the screen. With a little bit of education and sarcasm, Isabella happily brings her job in her pocket and chats about the industry any chance she can get. Isabella currently sits as an Associate Account Manager at, and spends her free time continually chatting up a storm with influencers and agents to learn more about the industry landscape.

Waves 14 Complete v2023.01.17 [WiN]


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