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The Holiday Ost Rapidshare

Christmas is coming, and it's time to restock your playlist for the holidays. Go ahead and dig into our collection of royalty-free Christmas music downloads. You'll find contemporary, classical, and traditional Christmas music, all legal and free to download. We've also included a few Christmas sheet music resources in case you're a (budding) musician yourself.

The Holiday Ost Rapidshare

Our first site provides "free holiday music from top indie artists." The collection includes contemporary and traditional tunes, as well as vocal and instrumental interpretations. In addition to holiday music, you'll find seasonal sounds and audio files of Christmas stories for kids.

These sites offer all the free Christmas music downloads you could ever need. Just remember to prepare your playlist ahead of time, so you can truly relax over the holidays. We wish you happy holidays, and may your Christmas be filled with joy and good music.

The Christmas Jukebox. My online Christmas music player is bulging with over 400 hip tunes - and counting! Now you can listen to the music I write about - the coolest, weirdest, and loudest holiday songs ever. All while enjoying my inimitable prose.... [press play]

My Face, Your Book. There's a lot going of holiday hilarity over at Facebook, in case you can't get enough on my website - or vice versa. Check out the Hip Christmas page, and follow me for maximum holiday fun. No Russian trolls, please. [like or love]

Spotify, Schmotify. Once again, the company busy destroying the music industry is taking a breather to add new new tracks to their ever-growing, exclusive holiday playlist. It's free to stream, but you'll have to upgrade to premium if you want to download. This year's offerings are almost wholly Greek to old me, but I recognize a few names - Kurt Vile (painful), MisterWives (fun), and Kaylee Bell (twangy). [spot me]

Horny Holidays. Some people love to bask in the warm glow of friends and family during the holiday season. Others feel like starting a family (or something to that effect) at Christmas time. Read about the 20 naughtiest songs in the history of the holiday. You'll never look at a candy cane quite the same. [read more]

Christmas In Vietnam. Most holiday music is escapist. Who, after all, wants to think about death and mayhem during the season of hope? Nevertheless, the Vietnam war intruded into this idyllic genre during the turbulent 60's, and we examine six songs that looked at Christmas through the eyes of soldiers and their families. [read more]

Humbug Hit Parade. If the annual deluge of holiday music hokum is driving you to suicide-by-fruitcake, Spin Magazine has compiled 25 of the weirdest, darkest, most awesome, "Noel-wave" oughtabe classics you'll never hear in a mall during the holiday season. [read more]

The 12 Plays Of Christmas. The Indie Rock Cafe has published an amazing set of holiday playlists ranging from a handful of classics to an endless supply of genuinely obscure bands sure to thrill the kiddies and stump obsessive collectors. [listen & download]

Our music is available for immediate download in PDF format after placing a secure order on our website. Just browse or search the catalog to find your music, and you'll soon be able to use it to practice, play for family, or perform at holiday events, corporate functions, church services, or on the concert stage!!

Jolly Old St. Nicholas is an early primer level holiday solo with teacher duet ideal for beginners of all ages. Music can be taught by note, rote, or finger number. Part of the First Christmas Solos songbook.

The holiday spirit was kicked off by 17-year-old José André, followed by Bob Thompson, house pianist for the NPR radio show Mountain Stage, and was capped off with the spirited playing of mononymous Japanese composer Hiromi.


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