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Why You Should Watch Korean Movie White Night 2012 (Eng Sub) Today

Korean Movie White Night 2012: A Thrilling Mystery with Eng Sub

If you are looking for a captivating and suspenseful Korean movie with English subtitles, you might want to check out White Night (2012), also known as Baek-Ya. This film is about a homosexual man who returns to Korea after two years with unresolved past conflicts, and spends a night with a new man who helps him confront his trauma.

Korean Movie White Night 2012 Eng Sub

What is White Night (2012) about?

White Night (2012) is directed and written by Lee-Song Hee-il, who is known for his films that explore the lives and struggles of gay men in Korea. The film stars Kim Hyun-sung as Kang Won-gyu, a flight attendant who left Korea two years ago after being stabbed in a homophobic attack. He comes back for one night and meets up with his former lover Do-yoon (Won Tae-hee), who is still hurt by his departure and reveals that he is seeing someone else.

Won-gyu also encounters Lee Tae-joon (Lee Yi-kyung), a quick service delivery man who approaches him online and offers him a sexual encounter. Won-gyu agrees, but changes his mind when Tae-joon notices his scar on his shoulder. However, he still wants Tae-joon's company, and they go to a bar together. There, Won-gyu recognizes a man who knows the identity and location of his attacker, and chases after him. Tae-joon follows him, despite not understanding the situation.

They end up at a pool hall, where Won-gyu confronts and beats up his assailant, with Tae-joon's help. They then go to a park and talk about their pasts. Won-gyu reveals that he left Korea because the attack shook his life up and outed his sexuality publicly, leaving him stigmatized and outcast. He also admits that he lied about having a lover in Germany, and that he is actually single. Tae-joon shares his own experiences of being gay in Korea, and they develop a bond. They have sex and exchange phone numbers before parting ways.

Why should you watch White Night (2012)?

White Night (2012) is a film that offers a realistic and nuanced portrayal of gay men in Korea, who face discrimination and violence from society and their families. The film does not shy away from showing the dark and painful aspects of their lives, but also shows their resilience and hope for love and acceptance.

The film also features excellent performances from the lead actors, who convey the complex emotions and chemistry of their characters. Kim Hyun-sung gives a convincing portrayal of Won-gyu's vulnerability and anger, while Lee Yi-kyung brings charm and warmth to Tae-joon's character. The film also has a beautiful soundtrack by Chris Garneau and Young-hoon Lee, which adds to the mood and atmosphere of the film.

White Night (2012) is a film that will keep you engaged and moved by its story and characters. It is a film that deserves more attention and recognition for its quality and message. You can watch it with English subtitles online or on DVD. b99f773239


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