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3gp Hindi Monsoon HOT!

Thanks for the playlist, I am only beginning to get the idea of the importance of the monsoon. As I run across it in music and books I get a better sense of the catharsis it brings each year. It is similar in some ways to the spring season we experience in the northern US.

3gp hindi Monsoon


It has come up with 12,000 Rainwater Harvesting Structures (RWHS) to facilitate water conservation and groundwater recharge in 2,035 wards of 114 urban local bodies. All this has happened in less than three months ie before the onset of the southwest monsoon.

During the monsoon, there are very wet days and also long dry spells. In some years, both floods and droughts occur. Not just that, the sub-surface storages are getting emptied, leading to thinner flows in rivers and streams, causing further capacity decrease in groundwater recharge. 350c69d7ab


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