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Instant Verb Tables Pdf 13l

The phonetics section introduces systematically and accessibly essential aspects of French pronunciation. Each phonetics lesson recycles previously learned vocabulary and emphasizes the chapter's vocabulary. Listening discrimination exercises provide instant feedback.

Instant Verb Tables Pdf 13l

Grammar links lead students into Tex's French Grammar. Individual grammar items are carefully explained in English, then exemplified in a dialogue, and finally tested in self-correcting, fill-in-the-blank exercises which are drawn from a database. To facilitate reference and learning, all grammar items are thoroughly cross-linked. Important grammatical terminology is defined in an introductory page for every part of speech. For example, the definition of infinitive, conjugation, and paradigm can all be found in the ' Introduction to Verbs' page. Also included are several other pedagogical tools: a verb conjugator, a verb tutor, and an on-line French dictionary, as well as additional grammar exercises (Testez-vous).


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