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Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabla Grand Finale Full Version

Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabla Grand Finale Full Version

Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabla was a popular musical reality show that aired on Star Plus in 2009-2010. The show featured six teams of singers, led by six famous music composers, competing against each other in various rounds of singing challenges. The show was hosted by Ayushmann Khurrana and judged by a panel of celebrities and music experts.


The grand finale of the show was held on March 20, 2010, and was a spectacular event that showcased the best of Indian music. The six teams that reached the finale were:

  • Shankar's Rockstars, led by Shankar Mahadevan

  • Himesh's Warriors, led by Himesh Reshammiya

  • Mika's Blasters, led by Mika Singh

  • Mohit's Fighters, led by Mohit Chauhan

  • Shreya's Superstars, led by Shreya Ghoshal

  • Rahman's Rockers, led by A.R. Rahman

The finale was divided into four rounds: Solo, Duet, Medley and Face-off. Each round had a different theme and a different scoring system. The teams performed songs from various genres and languages, such as Bollywood, Sufi, Folk, Classical, Western and Regional. The finale also featured special performances by guest singers and celebrities, such as Sonu Nigam, Kailash Kher, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik and others.

The finale was a close contest between the teams, with each team giving their best performance and winning the hearts of the audience and the judges. The final scores were as follows:

Team Score --- --- Shankar's Rockstars 29 Himesh's Warriors 28 Mika's Blasters 27 Mohit's Fighters 26 Shreya's Superstars 25 Rahman's Rockers 24 The winner of the show was Shankar's Rockstars, who lifted the trophy and received a cash prize of Rs. 50 lakhs. The team consisted of singers Anwesha Dutta Gupta, Sharib Sabri, Raja Hasan and Neeti Mohan. The team impressed the judges and the audience with their versatile and energetic performances throughout the show. The team leader Shankar Mahadevan praised his team members for their talent and dedication.

The runner-up of the show was Himesh's Warriors, who gave a tough fight to the winning team and received a cash prize of Rs. 25 lakhs. The team consisted of singers Vineet Singh, Aishwarya Majmudar, Himani Kapoor and Ravi Shukla. The team leader Himesh Reshammiya thanked his team members for their hard work and support.

The show ended with a grand celebration and a musical tribute to the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who was born on August 4th. The show also thanked Amul for sponsoring the show and supporting Indian music.

If you want to watch the full version of the grand finale of Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabla, you can find it on YouTube or SoundCloud . You can also watch some of the highlights and clips of the show on various websites and social media platforms.

Amul Music Ka Maha Muqabla was a unique and innovative show that brought together some of the best singers and composers of India. The show was a musical extravaganza that entertained and inspired millions of viewers across the country. The show also showcased the diversity and richness of Indian music and culture.


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