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Silent Hill Book Of Lost Memorie

A lot of your time spent in Silent Hill revolves around exploring, and while you'll run into a small cast of characters along the way, Mason's journey is largely silent. There is some excellent voice acting to back up the story segments, and all of it was carried over from the Wii iteration. There's also some character interaction via his cell phone, which serves a few purposes throughout the game. One of its primary uses is to function as your map, which can be brought up from the cell phone menu at any time. There's also a camera function that allows you to take snapshots of ghostly images, and it'll also collect messages from the beyond for you to hear. It also has some basic functions to contact different characters, and the phone book is equipped with quick dial. It's a little cumbersome to keep the phone around at all times; it obstructs the view by taking up a lot of screen space, and Mason deliberately moves slower when the cell phone is out.

Silent Hill Book Of Lost Memorie


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