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Famous Mens Hairstyles ##BEST##

Our Bollywood heartthrob, Salman Khan, is also known to experiment with his looks now and then. He has established the trend right from Tere Naam and to date, never failed to impress us on screen. If you, too, love him, you already know what we are talking about. Here are his top trending looks. Right from fringes to crew cuts, he has tried them all, and he seems to love the most dignified and subtle crew and neat short haircuts the most. He is one of the most loved Bollywood celebrity hairstyles male.

famous mens hairstyles

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The Bollywood King Khan, none other than Shahrukh Khan, has also never stepped back to experiment with some unique and bold style statement. His experimental trends have caught attention many times. However, our king Khan seemed to have loved the side-swept and combed look the most as we often see. He is definitely trending among the best celebrity hairstyles male.

Jared Leto may not be very popular on the celebrity list right now in the world. Yet his style statement is to be appreciated. He has possibly tried everything, right from neat slicked hairstyle to the super bold and contemporary mohawk haircut. Here are his most famous and known after looks as of today.

The macho king Arjun Kapoor in Bollywood is well-known for his hotness and super fit body. Did you ever observe his hairstyles and looks? He has boldly tried around several of statemet looks, including some very unusual ones, and we bet they are crazy and stylish. Arjun never fails to give goals to an ultra-modern edgy look, and here are a few we immensely loved.

Varun Dhawan is known for his desi avatars and Indian classic looks. He is known for the popular romantic looks and style statements, and similarly, most of his hairstyles are subtle and mild ones with charm and smartness around. Varun most often attempts the short haircuts the most, and no wonder they are super comfortable. Here are a few to check out in his recent looks. We love Varun in male celebrities with messy hair.

Tiger Shroff has tried out almost many times of haircuts. Right from short haircuts to the long wavy hairstyles and ponytails, he has done them all. Very few in the movie industry have worked around with such wild looks, and our Tiger is one on the list. He carries all the looks so effortlessly that they never fail to impress us.

The Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is a heartthrob. No one would deny it. Imagine his hairstyles and style statement in this case?! They are all stylish, modern, contemporary, and super-smart. Here is the list of most favourite haircuts from his collection we compiled.

We hope you have enjoyed and explored these world-famous Celebrity Mens haircuts. These inspired looks and hairstyles indeed are unique and must-try ones. Let us know which is your favourite one and which star, according to you, runs above all in his hair transformations. We love to hear from you.

Long hairstyles for men have become ever more popular lately, thanks to the likes of Jason Momoa, Harry Styles and Jared Leto. There are lots of benefits to rocking flowing lengths, from having to visit the barbers less frequently to being able to change up your look with styles like the man bun.

Actor Booboo Stewart has come a long way from his Twilight days, with his now-trademark long dark hair. His natural waves give a natural, undone feel and the contrasting lighter and darker pieces help to give his strands even more dimension.

Brad Pitt is a world-famous American actor and producer best known for appearing in Seven, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. These Brad Pitt haircut styles are timeless, stylish and masculine looks from his impressive career, making him an iconic celebrity. From the sleek undercut and slick back from his time in Fury to his long and beachy locks in Troy, this attractive star proves that he has the angular bone structure to pull off any style.

Oscar Isaac is a Guatemalan-American actor who has been treading the boards since the early 2000s. Although you might recognize him from X-Men: Apocalypse, this famous face has appeared in everything from Robin Hood and Scenes from a Marriage to the 2021 blockbuster Dune. He keeps his look refined on the red carpet with a dapper quiff and an elegant side sweep that showcases his natural curls or mid-length locks with a disheveled feel for casual days.

The most popular celebrity hairstyles for men are the comb over fade, slicked back undercut, long bro flow, modern quiff, messy textured hair, short curls and medium wavy style. From Brad Pitt to David Beckham, these famous haircut styles offer fashionable choices for guys who want to look and feel like a Hollywood star.

The best thing about celebrity hairstyles is they change often and give us a whole other crop of celebrity hair to swoon over. The hottest men in the world have, no surprise, some of the best celeb style and the greatest hair to match. The hottest men in the world have a variety of new hairstyles they unveil to the world at movie premieres, restaurant openings, and in the general public as they peek out at us with their captivating celebrity eyes. Oh, famous boys, you can do no wrong.

These hot celebrity men have famous hair styles that vary from short crops, playful flips, and long locks to silver foxes, curly messes, and slicked down styles. These sexy celebs have no lack of imagination when it comes to their celebrity hair and they make sure we get to see plenty of it. So whether you're a fan of Brad Pitt's spiky cuts (or his sexy, shaggy look), George Clooney's salt and pepper hairdo, or Ryan Gosling's...everything, this list of hot male celebrity hairstyles has a smattering of the best hair in the world donned by Actors with great hair.

Who has the best hair in Hollywood? What male actor hairstyle is the most famous hair in the world? This list of celebrity hair (man edition) is just the tip of the hair when it comes to famous hair and the men who style it. Make sure to vote for your favorite celebrity hairstyles and, if you don't see the man attached to your favorite hair fashion, make sure to add him to the list of hot men with famous hair.

Footballers' haircuts are always in trend. Why? Because football players' haircuts are some of the best short, medium, and long men's hairstyles. The world's international footballers are not just known for their athletic skills but also for their bold and fashion-forward style. From David Beckham originally starting the hairstyle trends among the fans and becoming a style icon, other footballers too have influenced the fashion of their times. Men all over the world have taken these footballers' photos to their barbers.

Cristiano Ronaldo's hairstyles are completely perfect. The footballer's hair is parted and has a high skin fade on the sides. The hairline is fresh with a sweet shape up, and the hard part comb over is styled with a strong pomade for a clean finish.

While short haircuts remain the most popular hair trend, medium and long hairstyles are starting to pick up fast. Although most of these trendy hairstyles are not really new, they continue to offer an endless styling variation that makes them remain fresh and fashionable.

One of the most iconic TV hairstyles of the past few years is that of, Tommy Shelby and with The Peaky Blinders coming back to our screens later this year, we had to feature Cillian Murphy's haircut in this! The Tommy Shelby cut is around a number 1-2 on back and sides, short but not a zero like some of the other Peaky cuts. You want to leave plenty of length on top, with more length in the fringe to sweep the hair across. To get the leader of the Peaky Blinders hairstyle you need a product that can give texture to the hair, but also with a touch of moldability.

A man of many looks, Zayn Malik has had plenty of different hairstyles this year. But what he has gone with at the minute is one of our favourites. It's a blonde textured crop with a 0-1 fade on the back & sides. To style use a tiny bit the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to give the hair a messy, textured look.

Harry Styles went from the long hair he made famous down to a shorter cut for his role in Christopher Nolan movie, Dunkirk. As the year has gone on his hair has got longer through the top into this textured messy quiff. The haircut is a disconnected box layer, but to save being technical just take a long a picture of the cut! As with all longer styles your barber may not be as used to dealing with them, however a lot of the best barbers have experience in hairdressing too so are more than comfortable cutting longer styles. Use a sea salt spray before styling to add plenty of texture and volume to the style and then follow up with the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or paste to give it a natural look. Or alternatively for a smarter more slicked look, try a pomade.

Justin Timberlake is another man to go for the buzz cut this year, but this is probably our favourite variation on it. The former N Sync man went with a 0-1 on back & sides with a tiny bit of length left on top to create variation. This one is great for those who don't fancy going with a shaved head all over as adds another dimension to the cut. Go for around a 4-5 on top.

Zac Efron has had some great hairstyles since his days as Troy Bolton in High School Musical, but we're big fans of his haircut in Baywatch this summer. The Zac Efron haircut is given a cool beach effect to suit the movie - it's an undercut left long on top with a short back & sides. If your hair is thick or hard to style then also ask your barber to add some texture to the hair. This should help to give it a messier, wavy look like in the movie! Use a sea salt spray as a pre-styler to give your hair the full beach look. 350c69d7ab


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