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[S2E5] Lady In The Lake Free

The family hired a private investigator; he looks into the claim that JoAnn was wearing high heels; there was no way a woman could have walked across the snowy and icy ledge into the lake confidently.

[S2E5] Lady in the Lake


Mr. Millstone was front and center in How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 5, grappling with the knowledge that his lady love was behind Sam's murder. Would he turn her in? You would think not, but Asher seems to live by a different code them some of the other people in his life.

Doucheface, as he's so lovingly called by Frank, had two options. He could either turn Bonnie in or stay quiet. At first, I didn't think he would ever turn Bonnie in, but I keep forgetting about this pesky lake fiasco we know nothing about. Asher may be slightly more righteous than his peers, but he's still looking out for himself in the end.

A young woman runs to a small lake within the forest, where she kneels by the bank and brushes her hair, using the reflection of the water as a mirror. After she has left, a translucent shape that seems to roughly copy her head structure wanders towards the bank. When she arrives home, her mother finds a trail of water leading to her room.

Not long after their close call with Halig, Merlin began devising a plan to get Freya out of Camelot. He decided that he would find some new clothes for her, and thus disguised she could leave the city without notice. Freya was saddened by his plans, as she had enjoyed their time together and was going to miss him. When she told him so, however, Merlin surprised her by announcing that he was going with her. Freya objected to the idea at first, as she felt that he had a good life in Camelot and couldn't ask him to spend the rest of his life on the run with her, but she soon began to warm to the idea when Merlin insisted on staying with her. They happily began to plan their life together, deciding that they would go somewhere that reminded them of both their childhood homes. Somewhere with mountains, a few field, wildflowers, a couple of cows, and especially a lake.

Heartbroken, Merlin placed her body in a boat lined with ferns and pushed it out onto the lake, intending to give her a Viking funeral. It took him two tries to set the boat on fire with his magic; he couldn't bring himself to finish the spell on the first attempt, and had to start again. He watched the boat burn for a moment, and then returned to Camelot (The Lady of the Lake).

As Merlin struggled to comprehend this turn of events, Freya told him that she'd missed him, and gently deflected his questions by saying that they didn't have long. She explained that the Cup of Life had not only made Morgana's army immortal but transformed them into the living dead, and there was only one thing that could slay that which was already dead: the sword Excalibur, which Merlin had hidden at the bottom of the Lake of Avalon. She urged him to come to the lake, where she would give him the sword herself. Overjoyed, Merlin thanked her for her help, to which Freya tenderly replied that it was giving her the chance to see him again.

The next day, Merlin asked the dragon Kilgharrah to take him to the Lake of Avalon. He took a small boat out to the middle of the lake, anxiously scanning the waves for any sign of Freya. After a moment the sword Excalibur emerged from the water, held in Freya's hand, and Merlin smiled (The Coming of Arthur).

Roughly four years later, after Arthur died while en route to the Lake of Avalon, Merlin returned Excalibur to Freya's care. Somber and grieved, he cast the sword into the lake and watched as Freya caught it in her hand and drew it back under the water (The Diamond of the Day).

In the Westworld Mesa Hub, Bernard watches as the Delos Extraction Team pile up the bodies of Hosts in the corridors in the Behaviour levels labs. Up in the Control Room, Karl Strand watches on as the bodies of the humans are placed in body bags, the body of one female extraction team member holding his attention before he takes a call from Maling. She's collecting hosts from the new lake and tells him dredging is at 50%, and they should have the rest of the hosts by the end of the day. They've also started draining the Valley and wants to know if he just wants the bodies or all their belongings as well. Everything, he tells her, down to the last stetson. He also wants her to start to see if the hosts can't be 'cracked open' and reset on their original loops to get them working for them again. She acknowledges and tells him she has 2 teams out looking for Peter Abernathy. Good, Strand tells her, and orders her to bring him to personally when he's found.

Gregory asks if Edwina will live with them after the wedding. Violet tells him that she will and that she will be the lady of the house, responsible for every one of them. Hyacinth asks if Kate will be coming too. Anthony does not answer but appears startled by the question. Violet changes the topic and asks Eloise to help her plan the dinner to welcome the Sharmas into the family. Eloise tells her that she is going to attend a lecture on flower arranging with Penelope so she cannot help.

Mr. Dorset approaches Kate and asks her to accompany him for a turn at the lake. He apologizes again for what he did at the races, and they go for a ride at the lake. They pass by Violet, Anthony, and Edwina. Anthony cannot help but stare at Kate as she enjoys the company of Mr. Dorset.

At the lake, Kate and Mr. Dorset get along well, with Kate sharing childhood memories with him. She tells him that she cannot wait to return to India. Mr. Dorset asks her to show him around India if he ever goes there again and she agrees.

Mr. Dorset ties a knot to secure their boat to the dock as he and Kate prepare to alight. Edwina and Anthony come to the dock. Anthony tells Mr. Dorset that his knot will not hold and ties a new one himself. Mr. Dorset alights the boat and holds out his hand to help Kate alight, but Anthony holds out his hand as well, causing Mr. Dorset to retreat. Anthony helps Kate out of the boat and holds her hand for a while. Kate removes her hand from his hand in a swift motion, startling Anthony and causing him to trip on Newton. He falls into the lake with Mr. Dorset, attracting the attention of the crowd. This pisses him off.

Cora's playboy brother has got himself into a spot of bother and Robert has to make a trip to America to bail him out. Blake and Mary are forced to put aside their differences to deal with a new farming venture on the estate. When Violet is taken ill, help comes from an unlikely quarter. In spite of Mrs Hughes, Mrs Patmore and Carson's attempts to keep the peace, romantic tensions below stairs cause problems.

Simon Bricker returns to Downton to discuss the painting with Cora. Branson makes a difficult decision about Sarah Bunting. Rose encounters a handsome stranger. Determined to stop Isobel making the wrong decision about Lord Merton, Violet enlists the help of Doctor Clarkson. Charles Blake surprises Mary with a cunning plan to help her get exactly what she wants. Mrs Patmore seeks Carson's advice on a financial matter. Inspector Vyner returns with some ominous words of warning for Anna.

Relations between Robert and Cora continue to be strained. Blake's scheming starts to come to fruition when Mary is unexpectedly pitted against her love rival. Edith receives some terrible news and decides to take drastic action. Following a mysterious tip off, Baxter becomes embroiled in the investigation of Green's death. Thomas' condition deteriorates, prompting him to finally reveal the truth to Baxter. Love is in the air for more than one member of the Crawley family.

Rosamund shows up at Downton following Edith's surprise departure. Rose is pleased to introduce Atticus and his parents to everyone. Anna and Bates think about a fresh start, now that that their problems seem to be behind them. Molesley is worried after Daisy becoming disillusioned with her studies. Mary and Blake seize a chance to send Gillingham a strong message.

Melanie starts getting close to Junior because he reminds her of Sam when he was younger. As they check on Joe and Norrie, Melanie has a moment with Junior, which Norrie interrupts. The three go to Joe's house to make sure he is okay, and realize they need to find the egg. At the lake, the four decide they need to touch hands. Melanie suggests she can be the fourth hands since she was one of the original four hands. When Melanie touches hands with Joe, Norrie, and Junior; the Egg rises to the surface.

The prince and his followers march to the throne hall to confront the Queen, but she mocks them and refuses to abdicate. She calls the prince a criminal for murdering his father, and insists that the throne belongs to her son, the King's true heir. However, the officials question whether the baby is really hers, and insist an investigation must take place. Nevertheless, the Queen refuses to step down from the throne even when the prince draws his sword on her. The royal councilors propose simply drafting a proclamation in the Queen's name announcing the prince's enthronement, and leave for the Queen's palace to get the Royal Seal. However, a maid warns the Queen's chief court lady, and in a suicidal, last-ditch effort to stop Prince Chang from ascending the throne, she releases the monsters imprisoned beneath the Queen's Palace. She is immediately killed by them and drops her keys, allowing the also-imprisoned Seo-bi to escape. Upstairs, Seo-bi sees the infected attacking palace servants and officials.

A party boats across a lake. Hayley notices the topographical map Jake has on his phone. He explains that when the lake was created by damming, it covered the small town of Reedsville. With the current drought, the ruins are not so deep under the surface. Jake offers a dive to see it, and his sister Finn volunteers. He tells her privately that he's annoyed, as he was hoping Hayley would join him; his sister tells him, despite his objections to the contrary, that Hayley is a bad fit for him. The siblings dive in, pointing out relics to each other. A hand emerges from the lake floor and grabs Jake. Finn rushes to the surface and calls the others for help. When she returns, her brother is still and appears to have drowned. However, he shakes violently when the hand drags him further towards the ruined lake floor. 041b061a72


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